what pops: who’s your pop culture icon?

as we say goodbye to 2010, the president of pop culture, ashton kutcher, asked for your top pop culture icons. here’s the list — who did we miss? and who do you think will be the pop culture breakout of 2011?

1. michael jackson

jeffrey hecht shared on facebook: michael jackson, the king of pop(chips)…

2. elvis presley

3. bruce springsteen

kim rudd shared on facebook: bruce springsteen…baby we were born to pop!

4. marilyn monroe

@tinaO shared a picture on daily booth


5. andy warhol

6. mickey mouse

@darajaclyn shared on daily booth: mickey mouse is obviously number 1

7. michael jordan

8. audrey hepburn

9. demi moore

Bartdawg shared on twitter: @popchips i’m not just saying this, but @mrskutcher defines #whatpops. for three decades she reinvents herself http://tl.gd/7nqihi

10. popeye

Tammera Sirois shared on facebook: pop (eye) of course ! he has changed his diet from yucky spinach to yummy popchips:).

we made this one just for you, tammera!



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