it’s okay to feel like you are doing it wrong

pop culture mvp moms

usually when women look like they have it all — blazing hot career, husband, kids, money, great hair and shoes — you wanna hate them just a little bit.  but not tina fey.  no way.  she’s not writing cookbooks about vegan pizza-making.  in bossypants, she’s writing about everything that makes us love her.  star wars figures.  being an “achievement-oriented, obedient, drug-free, virgin adult.”  prayers that her daughter is  “…beautiful but not damaged, for it’s the damage that draws the creepy soccer coach’s eye, not the beauty.”

she’s a girls’ girl, a mom’s mom, who freely admits to feeling like she sucks at motherhood.  swoon.  we salute Tina for her many jobs making us laugh, all while incubating her second baby.  there’s a saying: “dying is easy. comedy is hard”.  true words, probably written by a man, because any mom knows that pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood can at times make comedy and death look like a cakewalk.  so big props to Tina, for creating some of our favorite pop culture gems, being her own boss, and a soon-to-be mother of 2.

pop mom mvp:  soleil moon frye

pop culture icon of the 80’s show Punky Brewster, mom of two, author, and entrepreneur. with, she has harnessed the power of social media, giving moms a community to connect and share their messy truths.  recently named Target’s mommy ambassador, this hard-working mom has a book coming out soon, is incredibly down to earth and easily shares her own parenting follies; like how her kids take sharpies to the walls, or how her daughter wants to be a “hot tinkerbell” when she grows up,  or even her favorite indulgence…

what I love about these two moms is that as they appear to “have it all”, they don’t have an ounce of pretension.  they freely admit that it ain’t pretty and that they don’t get a lot of sleep.  they feel like they could be your best friends. they inspire us with their truth and humor and are living proof that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop kicking pop culture ass.

so tina, soleil, I’d like to invite you to a playdate at my house, bring the kids, and I’ll bring the popchips.

happy mothers’ day everyone!

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