bruno mars tells all….

if you haven’t heard by now, popchips is on the road with bruno mars! (seriously, where have you been?)

one of the perks of rolling vice presidential/mars-style is that we scored an exclusive backstage interview to ask bruno the burning questions his fans wanna know…and he gave up the goods. like what body part he refers to as “the whomp and stomp”. wanna see a grown woman blush? he is one charming hooligan, but don’t just take my word for it…

so get on it! like and you and your own band of hooligans could be rolling vip style to bruno’s show in vegas!!! good luck! go you!

One thought on “bruno mars tells all….”

  1. That ain’t blushing! Come talk to me sometime… head to toe. Just like Mars and BBQ popchips!

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