checking out art in the streets. imagining life as a street artist.

i get to keep some pretty cool company in my job at as your pop vp, and it’s my job to keep you in the know on up and coming pop culture events before they get all mainstream.

in los angeles, graffiti and street artists are getting their moment in the sun with a new exhibit. big names like shepard fairey, banksy and keith haring, as well as lesser known artists, get their chance in the spotlight through art in the streets at the geffen contemporary at moca. it is the first major historical exhibition to focus on street art by an american museum.

if you happen to be in la before august 8th, it is a must-see. as i went through the exhibit, i was struck by how everyone was encouraged to participate, whether sitting in on an impromptu jam session on the resident drum kit or letting your own creative juices run wild in the levi’s film lab. a full service, free space where you can create masterpieces in slow motion, stop motion, or with green screen effects, complete with full editing suites and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help bring your visions to reality. did i mention that it’s free? super cool.

street art has been an influential part of popular culture for the past 40 years, and art in the streets definitely gives the artists their props.

if you’re not swinging through la before the exhibit closes, check out a quick video i took while i was there:

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