sasquatch or bust!

our snacks are packed. we’re heading to quincy, washington for the annual sasquatch music festival, where we’ll be poppin’ at the gorge all weekend, along with epic music acts including the foo fighters, death cab for cutie, modest mouse, wilco, decemberists and more.

planning to go? swing by our pop stop near the yeti stage to regroup with your crew, recharge your phone and refuel with some free popchips samples.

case of the munchies? follow & tweet us for a chance to score a midnight snack attack delivered right to your tent.

staying put? check out our twitter and facebook to keep up on what’s poppin’ at sasquatch.

2 thoughts on “sasquatch or bust!”

  1. Bethany was awesome! She was super nice every time I saw her, and she even kept my phone overnight when I left it there for charging! The other people (whose names I don’t remember) were awesome too, and so were the popchips! Thank you guys so much for making Sasquatch even more fun!

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