what the bok?

your roadie popstar moira here again, reporting from the road with the bruno mars tour. crowds are coming out in droves to see the hooligans in wondaland tour after hearing pumped up reviews from their friends! and, it is a real show- there are 8 musicians on stage with bruno:

phil – vocals and hype man
eric – solid on the drums
phred – keyboards and music direction
kenji – wails guitar
jamareo – rocks bass
kameron, james & dwayne – hold down on brass: horns, trombone, saxophone and trumpet

i love seeing the talent and energy of the hooligans – they do almost non-stop choreography while playing all the songs live. before each show the guys get focused in their dressing room, then roll out to the stage in a pack, pumped up and chanting with each other- ‘heeeeyyyyy, heeyyyyy!” hanging with the hooligans is a whirl of harmonies and shenanigans…if bruno calls out a melody, the others chime in real smooth…if some 90s r&b come on the radio, best believe that the whole bus will sing along!

bruno and the hooligans love to break it down and play fun covers. in st. paul, they played whitney houston’s “saving all my love for you.” in independence, mo they played “kansas city, kansas city here i come.” bruno has so much fun with it, and it’s great to listen to because he’s playing the songs he feels like playing that day. they do a ska version of “the lazy song,” and i can’t help bouncing around every time i hear it.

sound check is a special time for the band to warm up without anyone around- no picture or recordings allowed! they check the sound in the venue and the instrument set-up that day. oh, and of course they bok a little too! and what is bok you say? like true artists, the hooligans have added flair to their everyday banter and even created words. bok could be likened to rock — like “let’s rock out”- in hooligan style. to pay homage to the name of their production crew the smeezingtons, the crew likes to add eezington to words like “perfectzington” for added oomph. it’s hysterical and adds to their own creative and unique styles.

i’d say a typical hooligan day would be: video games on the tour bus all afternoon, playing their hearts out on stage, then dancing and laughing all night. they have a party mix which gets played at the hotel parties and in the dressing room, with songs like ‘teach me how to ‘dougie’” and et by katy perry and “crank dat’ by soulja boy. and yeah, they can dougie, and crank dat too!

check out my pics here for more of a peek of whats poppin in wondaland…..

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