remembering chris anderson

it is with deep sadness that we write to tell you that we lost a dear member of the popchips family this week when chris anderson passed away from cancer on june 7, 2011. he was 48 and is survived by his two adorable children, briana and lucas.

chris was #1. our very first employee. our vp of sales. our inspiration. our mentor. our confidant. our dear friend. we’ll never forget his incredible dedication, his zest for life, love for cars, his laughter, and (of course) his award-winning smile.

chris embodied so much about the values that drive us. about creating a company we can all be proud of. about integrity, and uncompromised morals. and about commitment. and it wasn’t that chris just worked hard (which he did!) – we all marveled at his passion and the way he connected with people. the company wouldn’t be where it is today without chris.

chris’ two children, briana and lucas, were his pride and joy. nothing made him happier than sharing stories and pictures. and we are really pleased to be setting up a college fund for briana and lucas, which the company, our employees, our board and several of our vendors are contributing to. we know that would make chris smile.

join us in celebrating an amazing man and his wonderful memories.

-keith and pat

6 thoughts on “remembering chris anderson”

  1. Chris gave his heart and soul to popchips. He had a passion for success, a good sense of humor and unremarkable love for his children. He will be missed.

  2. I have known Chris since our early days at Nabisco and I am blessed to have known him.

  3. He was a great father,friend,son,and brother. he was a cool father to have,I miss him very much.

  4. Briana Anderson- I love my dad so much. He was such a great father. I will always remember him as the best dad on earth. He always had a smile on his face no matter what he went through because he knew that he taught me and Lucas well. I miss him sooooo much. I love you dad.

    Hannah Gottenberg- Briana’s father was such a great person. Briana told me that she would always follow his tracks about being a hardworker and always having a smile on her face. He was such an amazing father for Briana and Lucas.:)

  5. I was truly saddened to hear about Chris’s passing. I had the pleasure of discussing the Japan market with Chris and getting exposure to his passion and zest for the great Popchips products.

    It sounds like Chris lived life with passion and intensity all the way to the end, and that he leaves a legacy with his children that will hopefully carry his memory forward.

    Dean R. Rogers

  6. Everytime I see a bag of Popchips (in a supermarket, a 7-11, CVS, anywhere) I think of how hard my brother worked to make Popchips what they are today. Miss you my Big Brother.

    Michael Anderson

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