last stop: hooligans in vegas

traveling with the hooligans in wondaland tour was a thrilling ride, filled with bruno fans, hotels and bus bunks, popchips snacks and days without naps. bruno’s voice could be heard in the halls, calling out melodies and joking with the guys.
the final leg of the tour took us through the southwest, close to home for many of the band members. when we hit coachella for a day off before the show, eric realized that it might be our only chance for a tour party at the pool. we took over the whole pool and the hot tub! bruno was relaxing and talking about writing his next songs. it was a good, chill day before the grind of the final six shows.
in san diego, the hooligans checked out the rides at the county fair, rollercoasters and all. popchips was set up right next to the stage and we and a great view of the show: the first sold out show at the 10,000 seat fairgrounds in 20 years!
the shows in la were….well, very “la!” we were in universal city with tourists everywhere and the after parties were filled with music industry and celebs. joe jonas, ryan philippe, anthony hamilton and cast members from the gossip girls were all around. i chatted with kenji, jamareo and mayer hawthorne, and joe jonas introduced me to his friends who were new to popchips, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about how much they love bruno mars. check out this video taken by diane mizota, our vp of pop culture during the la show.
phoenix was the last date for mayer hawthorne. he plays a song called “ i wish it would rain”…..the hooligans pranked them by running on stage in the middle of the song and dancing with umbrellas! the crowd went wild when they recognized bruno on the stage and mayer laughed but still played the song right through. check my photo here.
the show in vegas was a great way to end the tour: a smaller venue and a more intimate show. our popchips sweepstakes winners came with families and friends to see the show, met bruno, and took photos in the popchips photo booth. janelle monae took at the stage and sang the final bars of “talking to the moon” with bruno, then they took a bow together – a special moment! everyone with the tour was hugging and laughing. i went to say my own goodbyes to all the hooligans and bruno.
overall, hooligans fans are right…the guys are super sweet and fun and talented. much love to everyone on the tour…when you need more snacks and someone to get the dance floor going, i’ll be there!
here are photos of some of my favorite moments from the tour.
in case you missed any of our three exclusive videos of bruno mars: coming home, click here to watch them!

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  1. Hey Moira! Great pics from the tour! Thanks again for everything! Also sending a BIG THANK YOU to Popchips for sending me to Vegas for the Bruno Mars concert! It was AWESOME! :)


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