comic con 2011

there are typical things you would expect to see at comicon:  princess leia, fanboys and fangirls, popchips, superheroes, crowds, zombies, nerds…

as a first timer, yes all of the above were out in full effect, and then some.  frankly, i expected to be weirded out by throngs of grown adults dressed up in character, and i’ll admit, i assumed the dressing up was of a more prurient nature.

but i was wrong.  what the pictures can’t convey is the feeling of comicon.  there is a sweetness, a joy, and childlike innocence.  where else can grownups commune and  embrace their inner geek to be full fledged, unabashed fanboys and girls for a few days?

the spirit of comicon is infectious.  passion.  creativity.  come one, come all.  let your freak flag fly.  wear whatever the heck inspires you.  i totally get why it is a pop culture mainstay.  and it’s one heck of a weekend.

i mean,  i wore a dress made entirely of popchips bags by merlin castell and never felt out of place for a second.   in shooting my videos, no one refused to play, no one even looked twice when i would straddle my little pony or did the robot with a lego transformer.  at comicon, everyone is there to play.  and it’s all good.  totally refreshing.

the video is coming soon, but in the meantime, i hope you enjoy my photos!

thanks, comicon.  see you next year!

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