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in good taste: the king of pop, always and forever

oh, just a typical night for your vice president of pop culture in las vegas. vip backstage access to michael jackson’s the immortal world tour by cirque du soleil.  beyonce & jay-z buzz by with their security team. cee-lo green taking pictures with the cast. i’m having wine and cheese with a small group of friends, including backstreet boy kevin richardson and justified actress joelle carter and we are chatting with tara young, the show’s artistic director about the legacy of the king of pop and what this show means to mj fans everywhere. one thing i know, this is no typical night at home with my 4 year old.

watch what tara young and kevin richardson had to say about the king of pop.

the music alone is reason enough to see the show.  add in the production numbers, created by some of michael’s original team and the show is the ultimate love letter to the king of pop.  his music has touched us all and you not only get a taste of his life and his work, but the immortal world tour reminds you of the power, range and passion he had as an artist.  view the trailer here.

from an astounding one-legged b-boy to some of the most beautiful and athletic cirque performers ever, this show is pure pop eye candy.  a live band rocks alongside michael’s tracks, including some of michael’s longtime band members, as well as some phenomenal newcomers- like 19 year old lead guitarist, desiree bassett. check out some photos from the show here.

if you get a chance to catch the show, it definitely passes my popvp taste test, because artistry, talent, passion mixed in with the king of pop will always be in good taste.  plus, i can’t stop singing my favorite mj songs!

tell me: what’s your favorite song from the king of pop?

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