happy new year

tweet in the new year

it’s that time of year for new year’s resolutions and we all make them with the best of intentions.  although “eat healthier,” “work out more” and “don’t swear in front of the kids” resolutions are pretty standard (every parent knows what the f&*# i’m talking about), i thought it would be fun to check out some resolutions made in the pop culture twitter-verse.

there’s the sincere and heartfelt variety:

  • @lady gaga:  my new years resolution: never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth.  let the blood and the bruises define your legacy.
  • @aplusk:  in 2012 let’s agree to a resolution to feel one another’s pain & joy, & create the peace we desire through proactive generosity. xo ak

the more personal:

  • @brunomars:  i wanna wish you all a happy and safe new year.  i thought 2010 was great but thanks to you guys 2011 has been the greatest year of my life!
  • @alyssa_milano: my new year’s resolution is to figure out how to balance motherhood with taking care of myself

and of course the comedic:

and my personal favorite:

  • henry winkler: right after world peace my new years resolution is to meet lady gaga

well said everyone! people of pop: what’s your new year’s resolution?

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