jillian michaels: friends don't let friends eat fried

jillian michaels’ new year’s tips

guest blogger: jillian michaels, health and wellness expert

every year, people all around the world make new year’s resolutions so they can get a fresh start on the upcoming year.  january is a time of do-overs, a time when you can push the reset button and have another chance to do it right.  for many, this means revamping their diet either to lose weight or lead a healthier life.

but with these new goals comes pressure, and many people go into ‘ feast or famine’ mode, taking on drastic diets that are not sustainable.  that’s why i don’t believe in resolutions.  people should resolve to eat healthier any time of year, not just january 1st.  my philosophy is to make small changes to your diet that are easy to keep up, such as replacing fried foods with healthier foods.

popchips recently conducted a survey in partnership with google and found that half of americans eat at least one fried food per day – all that fat really adds up!  not only does this kind of diet put you at risk for high blood cholesterol but it also can lead to heart disease. i suggest replacing these (although tasty) fried foods for healthier alternatives, for example popchips are a delicious replacement for fried chips.  also try these other alternatives to fried foods:

1)    opt for cooking methods that use little or no fat such as steaming, grilling, baking, popping, broiling or roasting.

2)    eat no more than 6-8 teaspoons of fats and vegetable oil. choose oils that are mostly unsaturated such as olive oil.

3)    purchase the healthier alternatives when given a choice, popchips vs. fried chips, grilled chicken vs. fried chicken, fresh vegetables vs. fried vegetable, roasted potatoes vs. french fries.

finally, it’s a fact that you will achieve greater success when you have the support of those closest to you.  get your friends together to support each other in being healthier in 2012.  remember, friends don’t let friends eat fried.  good luck!

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