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i’m laurel house, better known as “quickiechick.” i’m all about life quickies- getting the most out of every moment, having fun, being resourceful and even a little unconventional, and always (or almost always) instant gratification. and that’s what my book “quickiechick’s cheat sheet to life, love, food, fitness, fashion and finance on a less than fabulous budget” (st. martin’s, may 2012) is all about. i’m also slightly obsessed with popchips, because they sort of embody the quickie concept, but in the form of a chip! they are fun, a little unconventional, and always instantly gratifying. and so I will now be appearing here, once a month, to share my quickie tips and unconventional insight with you.

when it comes to snacking, i am awesome at rationalizing things. i have actually convinced myself that i really do need that entire bag of peanut m&ms, only to be not so thrilled with myself when i finally snap back to reality- empty bag in hand. but i don’t have to rationalize anything with jalapeño popchips. in addition to being taste bud zingingly good, low in calories and fat, they are seriously satisfying! dip those bad boys into some spicy salsa and you’ve got yourself a snack that’s light on the thighs, but big in the mouth. but really, my favorite way to eat them is what i call cold (and low fat) popchips nachos:

  •  1 bag popchips (preferably jalapeño, but cheddar is delish too!)
  • ½ cup salsa (i like medium heat)
  • ½ cup low-fat cottage cheese

pour the salsa and cottage cheese side by side in a bowl, then scoop up a bit of both on a popchips. i’m obsessed. you’ll be too.

watch how to make them here:

xx -laurel

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