our newest popstar: sweet potato

sweet, crispy and a lot of delicious. sweet potato popchips are hitting shelves in our 3 oz. share and single serve bags, just in time for valentine’s day! and if you just can’t wait to fall in love at first bite (and who can!?), you can order sweet potato popchips from our online store right now.

7 thoughts on “our newest popstar: sweet potato”

  1. I love pop chips but they are so hard to find. Bj’s only has the plain and with all the great flavors, who wants plain? Can you please get them in Walmart?

  2. I wish some new flavours would be available in Canada. All we have are plain,BBQ,cheddar,salt &vinegar and sour cream &onion.

  3. I wanna try the Sweet Potato chips ~ I love sweet potato fries and I love Pop chips ~ sounds perfect

  4. My local Costco had this so gave it a try! I couldn’t stop eating it once I started eating. A little salty in my opinion but good nonetheless.

  5. The Sweet Potato PopChips are so good!! Please, please, please have that in more stores! I only see Original, Sour Cream and Onion and Barbeque.

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