pop your lunch!

school lunch makeover: fun & healthier with popchips

in the past couple of years, school lunch programs nationwide have been put in the spotlight and received much scrutiny by the media to offer healthier options for children.  many parents decide that they will make a homemade lunch for their child because it’s healthier.  unfortunately, parents are still left with the daunting task of packing a healthy school lunch that is fresh and nutritious.  after a couple of weeks of lunch packing, many run out of ideas and resort to convenient, unhealthy, prepackaged foods.

it’s easy to fall into a packing rut when you don’t have a plan.  i’ve made it my mission to help busy parents like you pack healthier school lunches; and trust me, i know picky eaters…i have two of them! one of the reasons why i’ve become the go-to lunch lady is because i understand your frustrations; i’m there with you! i work full time running a company, spend over 15hrs a week in the test kitchen, i read and write about food, create recipes kids will actually eat, manage our home and raise three kids under the age of 5.  i’m no super mom; i just love fresh food and understand the psychology of food.

parents often ask: what can i put inside my kid’s lunch that will make their lunch healthy but will also eat? let’s face it; kids want to fit in and bring food that looks like what their friends are eating.  check this lunch-in-a-hurry that is commonly found inside lunch boxes vs. an alternative and quick version of a momables™ menu.

we’ve substituted white bread filled with sugary condiments, fried chips, packaged fruit in syrup, and more sugar for desert with: whole grains, plenty of protein, fresh fruit, organic chocolate, and air popped popchips.

i know packing a fresh school lunch every day can be a tedious task, but believe me making small healthier changes can make a big difference.  lunch is often 1/3 of the food your child will eat (and you!) why not make it fun, fresh, nutritious and convenient?  write down the foods your kids will eat, use one of our plans, or get creative with the many ideas found online.  happy lunch making!

laura fuentes is the chief mom at momables™.  a wife, mother of three and a lunch enthusiast who insists on healthy, wholesome food for her family. shes on a mission to help busy parents overcome the difficulties of packing fresh school lunches.  on her personal blog, supergluemom.com, she writes about motherhood, deadlines, healthier living, and keeping her cool, even when her kids super-glued her hair. she’s also a food contributor to numerous sites and is published weekly on an online news hub. you can find her on facebook or twitter, and momables on facebook and twitter.

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