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pre-game: hungry girl’s guide to super bowl snacking

guest blogger: hungry girl, lisa lillien, gives the full scoop on guilt-free super bowl snacking.

super bowl sunday is about more than just football — it’s about friends, fun and food! all week, i’m sharing my guide to super bowl snacking — including guilt-free food finds, tips, and recipes — so you can enjoy the big game day without consuming big calories…first up, pre-game food finds!

nacho mom’s queso: these cheese dips come in three rockin’ varieties with some of most impressive stats i’ve seen — just 10-15 fat-free calories per serving… amazing! my favorite is the new voodoo queso (a spicy bean and cheese dip). they’re available nationwide in select natural-foods stores and online at

popchips super share bags: hg subscribers know i’m crazy about popchips. and these new extra-large bags couldn’t have arrived at a better time — perfect for your super bowl party. choose from barbeque (my personal favorite) and original. both are completely guilt-free, with less than half the fat of fried chips and only 120 calories per serving. plus, you can skip the trip to the store and order ‘em online!

lightlife buffalo smart wings – buffalo wings are a must-have for super bowl parties, but they’re typically super-fattening. don’t worry: you don’t have to pass on them this year. just pick up a few boxes of these faux-meat wings. they taste great and are especially awesome with a little low-fat ranch dressing. just 110 calories and 3g fat for four wings. they come refrigerated and can be found in the produce section of the market.

check back here tomorrow for “kickoff” tips & tricks!


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