kickoff: hungry girl’s guide to super bowl snacking

guest blogger: hungry girl, lisa lillien, gives the full scoop on guilt-free super bowl snacking.

after reviewing our pre-game snack plan yesterday, we’re ready for kickoff!

check out these tips & tricks to help you enjoy celebrating the big game, without consuming big calories…

  • don’t show up starving. eat a filling, protein-packed breakfast and a light lunch. if you arrive hungry, you’re more likely to eat anything (and everything) in sight, whether or not it’s a smart choice.
  • be careful with the alcohol. you don’t have to skip it altogether, but be smart. stick with light beer — a bottle has around 110 calories, and the super-light ones have as few as 55 calories. for every beer you drink, have a glass of water. that’ll slow you down and help keep you feeling full.
  • scope out the party for the best food picks. things like shrimp cocktail and cut veggies are great. load up your plate with that stuff. then add small amounts of whatever you’re truly craving. it’s all about keeping your portions in check.
  • byof. bring your own food. no hostess will complain if you contribute! bring something guilt-free (queue popchips!), and you’ll know there’s at least one thing you can munch on that isn’t loaded with fat and calories.

check back here tomorrow for my favorite guilt-free game day recipes!

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