for love and popchips

guest blogger: adam w. oppenheimer aka poppenehimer®, cafemom

greetings, my fellow snackers and gourmet chip enthusiasts everywhere!

with the day for lovers turning the corner ever so soon, and your diet in full resolution mode, you may be asking yourself..”hmm..what can i serve my special someone that is tasty and won’t kill my weight-loss goals?”

if you’re thinking about taking your significant other out to a fancy schmancy restaurant, think about this..making a home cooked meal for your lover shows:

  • you can cook!
  • you really care!
  • you love them without those handles!

as a weight-loss enthusiast and gourmet snack connoisseur, i decided to contact those wonderful people over in san francisco and request some of their magical crisps to help fuel my health recipe ideas. below, please find four great ideas to serve your special someone. whether they like it spicy, sweet, or savory…this should cover it.

spicy: sweet & spicy chicken on chili lime popchips. a bold and sweet fusion of asian inspired flavors which are a great alternative to many asian finger foods, and are usually chock full of fat and salt!

savory: turkey meatballs made with salt and pepper popchips. what says those three magical words more than turkey meatballs in red sauce?

sweet: pear and apple cobbler with sweet potato popchips crumble. cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of coriander will add some zip to brown sugar, apples and pears which will be thickened by blonde roux. to finish hand-crush sweet potato popchips and sprinkle on top with a few helpings of brown sugar.

i hope you fall in love at first bite with these tasty dishes!

keep it poppin my friends!

why adam pops: adam w. oppenheimer aka poppenehimer® is a graduate of johnson and wales university where he earned an aa degree in culinary arts and graduated cum laude. after graduation, he worked for carnival cruise lines where he learned the ins and outs of a professional restaurant environment.  shortly after that experience, adam moved back to new york city (where he currently resides) and made his way into digital media working for the deal llc  while continuing his ties to his true passion, food as a internet marketing consultant for rosa mexicano hospitality group.  adam currently works for the digital property cafemom and enjoys keeping an active lifestyle by spinning, walking, cooking and of course, sharing popchips with co-workers.  for more information check him out on linkedin.

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