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pop vp taste test: star wars

more pop culture than star wars it does not get (couldn’t resist the yoda reference)… from super bowl commercials to spoofs, and everything in between, arguably, no movie franchise in history has had the popular reach of star wars.

so, my fellow fan boys and girls, jedis, paduans, and scruffy looking nerf-herders, as you await the 3d re-release of episode 1: the phantom menace this friday, I thought you might want an extra helping of star wars pop culture picks to go along with your popchips.


1. lego star wars! these incredibly accurate lego dioramas of scenes from the movies definitely merit the trip to legoland in carlsbad, california, so pack up your bags and get your geek on.  or you can peep my pics right here.


2. liz lemon loves star wars! so many references and so little time…30 rock, one of the funniest shows on television busts out the star wars references on a regular basis.  check this out:


3. in case you missed this year’s vw super bowl commercial sequel to last year’s immensely popular vader kid…


4. now through april 15th, the discovery science center in santa ana is currently home to star wars: where science meets imagination, an interactive exhibit where you can learn about the technology of land speeders and droids, build and test your own robots, and most importantly of all, see up close costumes, props and ships from all 6 star wars films.  total geek out!  I mean, who doesn’t want to take their picture next to han solo and chewbacca’s original costumes?  you can even sit in the cockpit of the millennium falcon.  swoon.  here’s a sneak peek

did I miss anything?  what’s your favorite star wars pop culture reference?

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