the whole lin-chilada.  lin-peccable.  lin-satiable.  those are just a few examples of the fever pitch surrounding jeremy lin’s meteoric rise to full-fledged pop culture phenomenon over the past couple weeks.

in case you’ve missed his story thus far, here’s the abridged version: high school basketball player unwanted by major schools, played at harvard university. no nba teams drafted him in 2010, but he later caught on as a rookie free agent before getting cut twice by teams.  after joining the knicks last december, he got his first chance to start two weeks ago and since then has scored more points in his first five starts than any player in modern nba history.

when his team won six straight games during a one-week span, lin generated more twitter traffic than any other nba player in history.

not to mention, sparking jeremy lin movie rumors.  rumors that he’s got a date with kim kardashian (untrue, btw).  an online word generator.  internet tribute memes.  and spike lee donning lin’s actual high school jersey and poetry slamming new nicknames for him.  could a signature flavor of popchips be that far behind?

from crashing on friends’ couches to capturing the entire country’s attention: he is the quintessential underdog story, and an undeniable pop culture phenomenon unlike any we have seen before.

lin-sanity lives!

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