in good taste: ‘pop’ chef

this week in pop, i’m dishing with top chef texas fan favorite, chris crary, on food, fashion and exactly what (or who) he’s finding tasty these days…

dm: what’s the biggest perk of being on top chef?

cc: now actual “food people” – fans and foodies are drawn to my restaurant, so it’s nice.

dm: so it’s not just the free popchips?

cc: it’s not just the free popchips, although they are delicious, for sure.

dm:  you’re also known for your style, whose style inspires you?

cc: ha!  i just kind of mix and match, i guess maybe, justin timberlake?

dm:  that’s a good one!  i can kind of see it now.

dm:  as fan favorite this season, what’s your craziest fan story?

cc:  nothing crazy.  i get a lot of things online. i’m big into social media, so i get a lot of pictures and fan mail.  it’s not bad.  i was dating a…i don’t want to sound conceited, but a celebrity that i met through twitter, we kind of dated for a little while.

dm:  what???  that’s crazy!  who?

cc:  i can’t tell you that.  it hasn’t really worked out, but we’re still good friends.

dm:  popvp taste test time, you ready?

cc:  sure.

dm: favorite ingredient?

cc:  i’m really into carrots right now, and i don’t know why.

dm: celebrity crush?

cc:  jessica alba

dm: secret talent?

cc:  i paint naked women.

dm: sea salt & vinegar or sweet potato popchips?

cc:  sea salt & vinegar.

dm: bieber or gaga?

cc:  lady gaga.  she’s a huge top chef fan.

dm: mandals or man purse?

cc:  man-purse.  mandals are never acceptable.

dm: sext or text?

cc:  you mean like a… i’m confused.  sext or text?  text.   wait, is that like sexting?

dm: yes.  you wanna change your answer?

cc:  no.

dm: what’s coming up next for you?  besides making popchips recipes with me in my kitchen…

cc:  besides that,  this weekend i’m doing a food and wine festival in palm springs, march 23-25th. i have a demo on saturday and tastings on saturday and sunday, but big picture, i want to open my own restaurant.

best of luck to our favorite “pop” chef, malibu chris!  and stay tuned for new popchips recipes coming soon…

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