in good taste: project runway all stars winner, mondo guerra

unconventional?  yes.  bazaaro?  yes.  project runway…popstar?  you bet your bag of popchips.  the wait to see if denver darling mondo guerra will earn the coveted top spot on lifetime’s project runway all stars is over. the fashion designer (and hiv/aids activist) sealed his fate as the next “who’s who” when it comes to fashion and design, winning the first ever project runway all stars season finale.

it’s no secret that we’ve been snacking in style alongside the fan favorite fashionista all season long, so mondo taking the crown comes as no surprise to us.  so last night, we were happy to chip in to the project runway all stars finale watch party in denver.  and what an event it was.  the “mondo bazaaro bazaar” featured a carnival-themed atmosphere where guests indulged their inner child with nostalgic games, activities and prizes!

special project runway guests ivy higa & casanova from season 8, anya & fallene from season 9, and all star muse model jessamine kelley joined us for a spectacular, star-studded evening.  not only that, all guests got a taste of what (we think) is mondo’s best accessory, a bag of popchips, of course!  it was catwalk meets snackwalk as these fashion starved fans kicked off their stilettos and noshed on their favorite bag of pop.  popchips also gave a few lucky guests the chance to snack in style alongside mondo in the popchips vip (very important popstar) watch lounge.

we have to admit, what caught our eye about mondo was not just his mix-and-match, unconventional and colorful looks.  i mean, that helped.  but, mondo is also all about being generous.  this is one of the principles of pop that we hold dear.  we are incredibly lucky to be doing what we’re doing.  and it’s our responsibility to share with each other.  as well as give back to the larger snacking community.  so, #teamMONDO, popchips and colorado area whole foods have teamed up to give back to denver colorado aids project (mondo’s favorite charity).  from now until march 27th, we are chipping in a portion of proceeds of popchips sales to dcap, proving that snacking with a conscience is always in good taste.

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  1. The POPCHIP dress couture are just brilliant! Did Mondo design ‘em? Or were they done by POPCHIPS…if so GREAT JOB! They look scrumptious!

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