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guest blogger: eva, toronto popstar extraordinaire 

hi! my name is eva and i am very proud to say i’m part of the popchips toronto street team – the first popchips brand ambassador hired in canada! i joined the team in march 2011 and it was the perfect time… spring was at our doorstep and everyone was coming out of hibernation (this is a real thing in canada)! so that meant it was a perfect opportunity for sunny outdoor shifts, tons of fun events, and special “pop drop” deliveries!

at first, i got a lot of questions like, “popchips, eh?”, “what are popchips?” and “how do you pop a chip?” a lot of people in toronto didn’t know who or what we were. but thanks to hundreds of deliveries to friends and local businesses, thousands of samples distributed to people all over the city, and with a little help of a few billboards, streetcar ads, and canadian celebrity sightings, the question quickly turned into… “eva! how do i get popchips!?”

what’s the number one question i get asked as a popchips brand ambassador? “what’s your favourite flavour?” that’s a loaded question! well it’s definitely sea salt & vinegar… but, sometimes it’s sour cream & onion! though, barbeque and salt & pepper were my first favourite’s and i still love them so much! it’s too hard, i can’t decide.  a mother couldn’t choose her favourite child, right? this question might compare in difficulty!

one of my favourite things about my job is surprising people with a basket of popchips at work. they’re usually sitting at their desk working away, just a regular old tuesday, and i show up with a beautifully wrapped basket (i have really acquired some fantastic gift wrapping skills!) of popchips! it’s really great to help make someone’s day a little bit brighter, and tastier!

though my real popstar “15 minutes of fame” moment was at tiff (the toronto international film festival), where i was interviewed at our snackers lounge and was able to chip chat on the 6 o’clock news about popchips! it was aired on ctv news, broadcasted all over canada! my mother was so proud!

as you can see, working for a company like popchips makes it easy to love what you do everyday. i get to spread the snackers love all around the city i love – from start up companies, to television stations, record labels, yoga studios, late night parties, huge fundraising charity galas, social media conferences… the list is endless!

it’s no wonder popchips has made a welcome home here in toronto – we definitely love to make any occasion a reason to snack! and if you need to find me just follow the path of sea salt & vinegar or bbq or… well just follow the crumbs or follow us on @popchipsTO for more on our adventures, and don’t forget to keep on snacking, eh? ;)

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