spring break. snack break.

guest blogger: jae berman is a registered dietitian and personal trainer in san francisco. jae uses her expertise to motivate people to use nutrition to maximize their strength and reach their full potential.

it may still feel like winter for some of us, but spring has officially sprung!  it’s time to take off the heavy coat, scarf and cozy sweaters and spend weekends in your bathing suit. not ideal for many of you? what food choices can you make to get you feeling better about putting that bikini on?

the key to eating right and feeling good is finding strategies that work for you. so often we starve ourselves to look good for vacation but then overeat the whole trip and end up feeling worse then when we started. what are some go to foods that you can always have with you so you know you will stay looking good and you can enjoy your spring holiday? it is possible to look good, feel good and enjoy your spring break!

avoid the bloat: eating fried foods will cause you to look twice your size – cut them out! also, when eating out realize that you are often being served 2-3 times the appropriate portion size. eating way too much at one time is going to make you feel bloated and likely lead to weight gain. consider decreasing your portion sizes in half every time you eat out. ask for a take away container right away and save half for leftovers. order foods that are grilled, steamed, baked and popped over fried. makes a huge difference to the waist line!

meal timing: if you can get on a good schedule, it will prevent you from getting too hungry and overeating. eat within an hour of waking and every 3-4 hours thereafter. choose a carbohydrate and protein to make the mini–meal balanced and just enough food to keep you satiated for 3-4 hours. consider a single-serve bag of popchips and some low fat string cheese, yogurt and some fruit or cut up veggies and hummus.

choose wisely: pre-portioned packages of food will set you up for success. when getting on an airplane fill your luggage with snacks that will help you feeling like the lean, bikini wearing machine that you are! single-serve bags of popchips, pre-portioned nut butters, raw nuts, yogurts, cottage cheese and low fat string cheese are great options to have on the go.

snack away: eat small meals throughout the day is a great way to curb cravings and prevent you from over eating. always have snacks with you, especially when you are on holiday and packing for the beach or pool.

don’t leave all the water for the pool: remember to hydrate! laying out in the sun while drinking cocktails can be very dehydrating. you can still enjoy your drink but be sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

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