tiny beyonce.

since most of us didn’t invent instagram then sell it to facebook for a cool billion dollars, this past week, i’ve found a pop culture phenomenon to help the rest of us feel just a little bit better.  meet internet sensation, tiny beyonce. (not to be confused with real beyonce…just to be clear.)

recently minted the smallest dog in the world, viral new media sensation and animal activist, she was born with no heartbeat then miraculously came back to life, earning the moniker “beyonce” after her inspirational will to be a survivor.  now, this pound puppy has her own website, facebook page, and twitter and hangs with the morning talk show crowd raising awareness for animal adoption.

warning: gratuitous cute puppy walking video:

so go ahead.  i dare you.  look at her then try saying, “tiny beyonce” without making the baby doggie voice. (you know the one.)  my puppy voice includes a lisp and effectively repel all males within acceptable dating age, but nonetheless, i just can’t help myself.

until the we invent the next instagram, let’s just all enjoy a little tiny beyonce with our popchips, shall we?  (for the record, not insinuating that we eat her, only that she is deliciously adorable and that rescuing shelter animals is indeed in great taste.)

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