torii hunter chips in.

hungry for change? torii hunter is too. that’s why we teamed up with the the all-star centerfielder, to give back to the orange county community. submit your ideas for how torii can chip in here.

torii tells us, “popchips really hit it out of the park with this game changers program.  all across north america, communities will be coming together to contribute to a local cause of their choosing.  i’m just proud i can say that i am a part of this monumental program.”

and when he’s not chipping in with popchips, torii’s diving into a bag of ‘em, proclaiming, “can food be addicting?  is that possible? because when i get my hands on a bag of sweet potato popchips, i seriously cannot put them down – they are my favorite!”

want to keep up with how we’re changing the game with torii? follow @popchipsla on twitter, and down the snack aisle at ralphs!


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