smart snacking in the uk

guest blogger: azmina govindji, rd, consultant nutritionist & award-winning dietitian

hi, i’m azmina and i’m thrilled to be the popchips nutritionist for the uk. i’ve been popping for over a month now, spreading the news of how you get less than 100 calories per bag. i work with the media, national organisations, charities and the food industry and i’m very particular whom i choose to collaborate with. when i heard about the ‘never baked never fried’ concept, i just had to find out more!

i thrive on making tasty food healthy, and believe you can eat the foods you love, so long as you keep an eye on the whole balance of what you eat, and make some smart choices. snacking is often seen as a dirty word in the uk, but when you deny yourself snacks you want them even more! so, my trick is to keep the healthier snacks accessible and give away those foods that don’t help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals. in a way, it’s a sort of ‘eat this…forget that’ concept:

  • choose popped chips instead of fried crisps
  • choose lightly salted homemade popcorn instead of buttered microwave popcorn
  • choose a handful of nuts instead of a bag of sweets
  • choose a skinny cappuccino instead of a regular latte
  • choose 2 jaffa cakes instead of a chocolate bar

until next time…happy popping!

why azmina pops: azmina govindji, rd mbda, is a mum with a passion for good food, fun and friendship. underneath that softer side lies a busy professional – she’s an award-winning registered dietitian and nutritionist, known in the uk for her no-nonsense simple tips and realistic outlook on healthy lifestyles. she is a national media spokesperson for the british dietetic association (so the press like her) and was itv’s this morning nutritionist from 2006 to 2007 and has appeared on bbc’s the one show, watchdog and the wright stuff: she now works as a consultant nutritionist to itv’s lorraine show and as an expert for various food companies and organisations. azmina has written over a dozen books including the best-selling gi plan, the hot body plan, diabetes uk’s the diabetes weight loss diet, and weight watcher’s millennium cookbook. her lively personality and down-to-earth approach help her to communicate scientific dietary principles using everyday practical language. she believes that healthy food can be tasty and is on a mission to help spread this philosophy. find azmina here: facebook,


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