shaun phillips chips in.

popchips had my back for a lot of my ideas that i’ve done, and this is a chance for me to give back to them and their growing brand…they’re a brand that wants to be out in the community, and that’s what I do. i do what I can for the community.”

that’s the word from san diego’s game-changing linebacker, shaun phillips, who gave yahoo! sports the scoop on how he’s giving back to the san diego community through popchips game changers.

just submit your ideas here by april 30, and tell shaun how you think he should give back to san diego.

“at the end of the month we narrow it down to five [charities] with the most votes and then one charity out of those five will be selected,” shaun explains, “no matter the charity, whether it’s a kids mentoring program, an animal shelter, or a hospital foundation, popchips and i will host an exclusive event for the winning charity and help them raise money. we will spend the whole day with that charity, and I think it’s a really cool idea. it’s one of the more fun programs that i’ve been involved with.”

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