dee gordon chips in.

dee gordon is changing the game for los angeles – on and off the field – with popchips game changers.

dee is one of the rising stars in baseball, and already one of the most exciting players in baseball due to his incredible speed…not to mention, his great taste. showing his true (blue) colors, dee confesses: “i love snacking, and my favorite flavor of popchips is probably original.”

dee tells us he’s, “thrilled to join these other great players in the popchips game changers program. los angeles is a great city, and i’m looking forward to the opportunity to support one of these great charities.”

now dee needs you to submit your ideas here by april 30, and help him chip in for los angeles.

then, follow @popchipsla on twitter (and down the snack aisle at cvs and albertsons) to keep up with how we’re changing the game with dee gordon!

One thought on “dee gordon chips in.”

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