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movie star, mom, style icon, and with her honest company, now entrepreneur, jessica alba is a pop culture force to be reckoned with.  i recently sat down with the stylish mom of two to chat about her mothers’ day wish list, style secrets, and how she keeps her (snack) life spicy.

diane mizota:  what are your top picks for mother’s day gifts this year, both giving and receiving?

jessica alba: giving?  i love to give my girlfriends and my grandmother and my mom, some sort of pampering present, so i’ll make salt scrubs and some kind of lotion.

dm: do you make them from scratch yourself?

ja:  sometimes, yeah. i like to play with oils and stuff, so i’ll infuse our honest co. bubble bath with some lavender and then make a little scrub out of some salts and olive oil with a couple essential oils.

dm: what are some mothers’ day gift ideas from you new company?

ja:  i’ll take some of our stuff as the base, and then just kind of tweak it a little and personalize it, for my fellow mommies.

dm:  you’re one of the most chic and stylish moms out there today, how do manage to always look so cute?  some days it’s a challenge for me to even get out the door!  i see the pictures of you with your girls, when you’ve got no makeup on, and you still look adorable!

ja: oh my goodness, thank you!   i don’t feel like i have enough time in the day, so one of the things that i started doing is to pick out my clothes, and my kids clothes the night before, so you’re not sitting there rummaging through the closet.  it’s set out, so you don’t even have to think about it.  you can wake up, put it on, and then you’re ready to go.

dm:  what’s your parenting snack style?

ja:  i’m definitely mindful and thoughtful around snacks.  if we do have a packaged option, we also always have something fresh.  so, whether its grapes, or sliced apples, or a homemade trail mix that i’ll put together, we always have something like that, for sure.

dm:  i’ve noticed you tweet that you’re a fan of popchips. do your kids like them too?

ja:  yeah!  totally.  i mean, who doesn’t love popchips?

word.  who doesn’t love popchips? and who doesn’t love jessica alba?  thanks so much to jessica to chatting with us! wishing everyone a very happy mothers’ day!

-@popvp diane mizota

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