the pitch winner.

spoiler alert! stop reading if you missed popchips on the pitch last night. first, go watch the recording we know you set on your dvr. then, click here for the full scoop on the pitch winner…

ok, now that you know whose pitch popped, we’re excited to announce that we’ve brought conversation agency’s winning idea to life….

introducing, the year of pop, where snackers everywhere are uniting over their love of popchips. and we’re loving them right back.

join the year of pop by adding a photo, video or message. and we’ll give you something tasty that’s worth remembering.

One thought on “the pitch winner.”

  1. Unfortunately, despite the “turnkey solution” that PopChips think they bought- it’s not going to solve the brands problems- like, why should we seek out and buy your chips.
    I tried to upload a video to “The year of Pop” and couldn’t print out the $1 off coupon- which was ok- really, javascript and apple are having issues right now- not Conversations fault- but, what we really can’t figure out is why this beat “Make Life Pop”- which doesn’t limit to a year- and didn’t try to force it’s way into “viralness”
    Our review is at
    85% of the people on the AMC poll think Boone Oakley was the better choice.
    We wish PopChips the best- but, we hope this isn’t how people think advertising really works.

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