deion branch chips in for boston

deion branch teams up with popchips game changers to give back to athletes 4 autism.

boston sports fans have always been well known for their devotion, loyalty and passion for their respected teams. often called ‘title-town,’ this hard working city reflects not only its fans, but the players themselves – on and off the field.

enter: deion branch, a longtime new england player with several championships, and an mvp trophy to top a slew of athletic accomplishments in his career. while he isn’t busy training for the 2012-2013 season in new england, he is looking to give back to his local community with the popchips game changers program.

giving back is what deion likes to do, and after a couple months of graciously opening up his time to work with popchips to give back to one lucky charity, athletes 4 autism won time with the coveted champ!

athletes for autism gets local athletes to spend quality one-on-one time with autistic kids through sport, encouraging health, wellness & teamwork. this cause drives home for deion, as he has a special needs child himself.

earlier this week, deion paid a special visit to ‘athletes for autism day’ to give back, and give back he did!

deion ran some drills….






gave some professional football tips…







…let the kids know how important it is to stay active and have goals






…and even showed them how to do his favorite touchdown dance!







a big thank you to deion for changing the game for new england on & off the field!

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