matt forte chips in for chicago

the true measure of an athlete is not only how well they perform on the field, but off the field as well.  measuring 6′ 2″ tall and weighing 218 lbs., all-pro running back & popchips game changer, matt forte, is a fortress of pure muscle. but on june 29, matt proved that his heart is where his true strength lies, when he chipped in for the cure it foundation to help give back some of the precious time the children had lost to pediatric cancer.

the event began at chicago’s marist high school, where the kids enjoyed a variety of field-day activities organized by their redhawks football team. for the children, it was a few hours of escape, and to just feel like kids.

it was a thrilling moment listening to the crowd explode as matt took the floor. matt started off with a general q&a session and even showcased some of his infamous touchdown moves.

matt was dedicated to meeting all of the patients and their families of the cure it foundation. he posed for pictures and met everyone in attendance, including little fighter, baby alasia.

after pictures, the kids took the field, ripping through a banner and were officially announced as they high-fived through the marist football team tunnel.

some patients (fighters) had received treatment earlier in the day prior to the event. many volunteers and staff also left directly from the hospitals and treatment centers to have the opportunity to celebrate – exemplifying the brave spirit and fearlessness of the organization.

it was truly a day to remember. we want to thank all of our partners for chipping in and making this possible. a big thanks to the cure it foundation, our chicago game changer, matt forte, as well as cvs and jewel osco for bringing the program to life. we’d also like to thank our media partner 670 the score for providing the air-cover, and to all the organizations and individuals who participated in the game changers program. from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you all!

the cure it foundation, founded just six months ago, is a chicago nonprofit that is fighting to cure pediatric cancer, while providing personalized support for the kids. co-founder and hope children’s hospital physician, dr. jason canner, created the organization as a way “to take care of the kids and their families outside of the hospital”. matt forte felt an instant connection with the cause and recognized the cure it foundation as a certified game changer.

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