don’t see yourself as the summer sports type?

guest blogger: peter lavelle, co-founder & fitness specialist, ultimate bootcamp

while there are many images synonymous with summer (swimsuits, sand castles, barbeques, piña coladas..!) not everyone immediately thinks about sports. in fact, the word “sports” can often conjure up other images – football season in the winter, gold medalists competing with their every fiber of being, teams muscling it out on the baseball field, or individuals with race numbers strapped to their chest.

well, you can – and should – use that very word to your advantage! summer’s warm temperatures allow for us all to become more active, simply by getting outdoors. sometimes, however, we need a wee push; a hint of encouragement. that’s where sports come in. if you find yourself looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, either alone or with a friend, sports offer up easy and accessible ways to do it. your very own neighborhood is probably littered with public tennis courts! all you need is a racquet, and off you go! outdoor swimming pools (not to mention the many beaches along the ocean) give us a chance to don the suit and do a little swimming! and with that bike downstairs, covered in dust and doing a great job as a clothes rack, the endless trails and bike paths throughout the area, you have an easy and affordable way to get your cycling hat on!

for the more adventurous, there’s kayaking, golfing, windsurfing, sailing…the list is endless. if you can’t break away from the pack, get your buddies involved too! grab a frisbee, hit the park, and learn how to play ultimate frisbee! wiffle ball anyone..?  trust me – a cooler full of lemonade and a slinky beach chair after an active day of sports will be your slice of well-deserved heaven! you can even reward yourself with some guilt free snacking like a fruit smoothie, nuts, fresh fruit, or popchips! 

so now – don’t recoil from the word “sports”, just because you’re not competitive, or because you don’t belong to any clubs. think about the endless ways to have fun while enjoying some sporting activities, and you’ll have a really, really enjoyable summer!

why peter pops: a native of ireland, peter has worked in the sports and fitness industry for many years as a fully certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and has a certificate in sports nutrition. his energetic and entertaining training style keeps participants smiling as their bodies burn calories “like a furnace”. as a personal trainer for ultimate bootcamp, peter works with a variety of clients whose goals range from weight loss to increasing athletic ability and performance. peter’s interests include multi-sport events such as triathlons, as well as running marathons, playing golf and enjoying as much of new england’s outdoors as possible. his philosophy is: “we’re not here for a long time – we’re here for a good time.”

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