tim lincecum chips in for san francisco

they say dog is a man’s best friend, but sometimes senior dogs are not always loved with that notion. thankfully, our san francisco game changer, tim lincecum, decided to change the game for senior dogs when we teamed up with muttville – a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for senior dogs – and tim to show even the elderly dogs, that they still are our best friends.

it was quite the day for timmy, an 11-year old rescue looking for a new home. timmy, a loyal and lovable senior dog, was dropped off at the shelter because he was considered too old. in addition to his long hair, this timmy liked to play ball just like our favorite #55.

timmy made some new friends, but the most important was our game changing athlete. after a brief introduction, tim and timmy offered an exclusive interview to comcast sportsnet where tim shared why he participated in the popchips’ game changers program and highlighted the importance of giving back to the community.

popchips offered 20 excited fans and supporters of the game changers program the opportunity to meet tim lincecum (and timmy the dog)! tim thanked everyone for being involved, and each guest was able to take a photo and have one special item signed!

after a much deserved tummy rub (for timmy the dog), tim and timmy the dog took to the field before the game to build awareness for this important local cause, and also to try and find a home for this special dog. there has been an impressive amount of interest for timmy, and muttville is currently reviewing applications to ensure timmy finds a safe and loving home.

are you ready to be a game changer for one of the hundreds of senior dogs that need a human companion? pop over to muttville.org to find your new loving companion and give a deserving dog a forever home run.

many thanks to all who participated in and supported the 2012 popchips game changers program, including our friends at 7×7, bleacher report and knbr. remember, just because you’re not on the field, doesn’t mean you can’t change the game.

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