katy perry. our newest popstar.

we are thrilled to announce that katy perry, global pop superstar and longtime fan of popchips, has joined as an investor, ambassador and new face of the brand.

what started out as a snack craving for katy perry has turned into an exciting partnership – including being featured in our first national advertising campaign launching this fall – that will combine katy’s unique style and personality with our mission to put the fun back in snacking.

“i remember it was late at night, and i was craving a midnight snack without the guilt,” said katy perry, “the bag stood out in the minibar, and i was pleasantly surprised when i read the back of the label and saw that it was a healthier choice. i was hooked after my first bite!”

…and that’s just a taste of our exciting new partnership with katy perry! click here for the full scoop, and join the conversation using #katypops.

update: we’re giving one lucky fan the chance to be in katy’s first popchips featurette! enter for a chance to win here.

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  1. I just tried popchips for the first time accidently (meant to buy something different), and have FALLEN IN LOVE! They taste GREAT! And are half of the calories of the chips I meant to buy. You’ve made a new regular out of me :)

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