there’s no place like popchips.

guest blogger: amanda, digital marketing popstar, university of kansas senior, barbeque popchips enthusiast 

if i had a dollar for every time someone asked me why on earth i go to school in kansas, well, i could probably buy a lifetime supply of popchips and then some. and besides the fact that it’s a great school, and somewhat close to where i’m from, there is definitely one thing that it brought me that i’ll be forever thankful for.

it brought me to popchips.

i was sitting in a journalism class my junior year when my professors started passing out bags of popchips to our 90-person lecture. confused, half asleep and thankful for the random act of kindness, i snacked on while my professors explained that popchips would be our client for the semester. besides getting a tasty snack to get a first-hand look at the brand, my class got to skype the marketing team for an inside scoop of what this company is really about. after the call, i turned to my professor and said, “i want to be a part of that”.

and here i am.

as a digital marketing intern, i have learned more things about facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube than i myself knew as a frequent college user. but one of the biggest things i’ve learned is beyond the world wide web and all of its social platforms.

i’ve learned that anything is possible if you just believe in it, and have a little fun with it. here’s a chip company that is popping every second (literally) and after five short years, has sky-rocketed by sticking to its brand (and by having tasty chips, of course). a brand that attracted me to come all the way out to san francisco for a summer, without the help of red slippers.

so thank you popchips, for teaching me that the working world really does taste good and that there is no place like you.

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