056_07.01.2012 LowRez Muttville Popchips and Giants_DSC_3941

changing the game for timmy.

hi there! timmy here, you know the dog…from muttville. i finally got a home thanks to popchips, san francisco game changer, tim lincecum and muttville! yippee!

my new family picked me up just in time for the 4th of july weekend, and it’s been a blast! we live in tiburon now; there are really nice sidewalks and fire hydrants here.

my favorite thing to do is go for walks with my new brother and sister and then hangout on the deck afterwards. i also love when my family pets me, it feels so good.

my new sister, kate, has been asking for a dog for a long time now, so i’m glad i got to be the family’s first dog. and the best thing about her is she still has a few more years until she leaves for college, which means i get lots of love all the time!

i’m so glad to have a new home, and thankful that muttville, popchips and my friend tim lincecum helped me find it. whoever said “it get’s better with age” must have been a senior dog rescued by muttville, because they were so right.

bark (and snack) on! (but not too loudly, the neighbors might not like it)


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