the whole planet foundation: chipping in for change

here at popchips, we’re not simply making snacks. we’re building a company we can all be proud of by giving back whenever we can. last month, we were fortunate enough to partner with the whole planet foundation, and take “chipping in” to the next level through our poptunes promotion.

every time a snacker purchased a bag of popchips at whole foods market, we thanked them with a free music download from today’s top artists, and donated a percentage of our sales to help alleviate poverty through the whole planet foundation. needless to say, the 138,905 bags sold during the promotion was music to our ears. and theirs.

we were truly honored to learn that our $6,954.25 donation to the whole planet foundation will make a difference in the lives of 275 people within third world countries; contributing 47 new microloans to help alleviate poverty within these areas; and fostering economic and social growth in developing countries through microcredit loans to women.

click here to learn more about how you can chip in and support the whole planet foundation.

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