this week in pop: international edition – gangnam style!

here at popchips, we like to think outside the box, er bag, as the case may be, and we love to give props to any artist that does the same. meet psy, a k-pop sensation who’s infectious “gangnam style” video has gone viral with over 150 million hits since its release in july, earning admiration from fans and pop stars worldwide.

the catchy pop tune and unforgettable dance moves, poking fun at one of the most affluent neighborhoods in south korea, are inspiring legions of tribute videos and psy himself even stopped by the ellen show to teach pop icon britney spears herself just how its done.

nelly furtado got in on the action covering the track in a recent concert, complete with spot-on choreography:

so grab your favorite bag of popchips and get down: gangnam style! tweet me your best gangnam style moves…dance-off!

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