popvp’s taste test: popchips sushi

two words you might not necessarily pair at first glance, popchips and sushi actually go together…

years ago, my brother took me to a sushi restaurant in manhattan that blew my mind.  not only was the sushi high quality, but each piece was an innovative, delectable work of art.

i particularly remember the chef crushing potato chips on top of one piece of sushi and serving it to me from behind the counter with a smirk on his face.  i had never seen anything like it, but once i tasted it, oh yes, it made total sense.  the salty crunch was the perfect compliment to the cool fish.  yum.

inspired by this experience, i’m letting you in on my secret lunchtime creation.  by crushing popchips on top of store bought sushi,  an everyday lunch is elevated into something a little outside the box and totally satisfying.

today, it’s thai sweet chili popchips on top of my crab california roll, but the possibilities are endless.  chili lime popchips on top of a shrimp tempura roll.  jalapeno popchips on top of a yellowtail brown rice roll.  salt & pepper popchips on top of a cucumber roll. so many combinations – my mouth is watering already.

so try it – and tweet me what you like to combine with popchips for a little lunchtime creativity…

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