pop vp’s in great taste: new music for your ear holes

here at popchips, we’re not only concerned about what you put in your mouth, we care about what you feed your ear holes as well.  if your music rotation has gotten staler than a fried potato chip, here are some great choices to wake up your musical taste buds.

gold fields: you may not know them right now, but you’ll be hearing a lot more from this aussie import in months to come.  currently touring the us with infectious dance beats and tracks like dark again, gold fields will keep you coming back for more.  check out their popular “treehouse”

and now for something totally different…dustbowl revival offers toe-tapping, hip-swinging music that’s a mash-up of swamp-gospel, jump blues and hot swing.  no idea what i’m talking about?  watch this:

known for their raucous live sets, you can catch the 15 piece orchestra next at kcrw 89.9fm’s masquerade ball at the park plaza in downtown los angeles on october 27.  if you can’t make it, do your ears a favor and download their halloween-with-a-twist single, “josephine” here.

with the quintessential pop hook of the “best song ever” and so-cool-the-grownups-won’t-understand-it hair, the ready set, aka jordan mark witzigreuter, and his single, “give me your hand (best song ever)”, are poised on the brink of pop breakthrough.

signed to pete wentz’s record label & currently touring with the all-american rejects, we like his video and great taste in party snacks…

hope you enjoy!  who’s your favorite new artist right now?  tweet me

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