pop vp’s app of the week: post card on the run

although music, fashion, movies, and popchips do get our heart pumping, we can’t forget about that special place in our hearts for apps!  filed under “hey-why-didn’t-i-think-of-that?”, check out: postcard on the run.

think irl photos are a thing of the past?  nope.  as long as people have refrigerators, there will always be a place for photos.   postcard on the run is a free app that easily turns pics on your smart phone into postcards of your worldly travels.  you can personalize them with touch screen handwriting, and it can gather your friends’ addresses for you.  send them anywhere in the world starting at just $1.49, with just a few clicks from your phone, making sweet little postal surprises for all your friends and family.

here are some postcards i’m sending from my adventures as vp of pop culture…

snackin’ out with bruno mars
getting an x games exclusive with bmx-er, coco zurita
greetings from fashion’s night out with vanessa hudgens

it’s easy to see why this app is onto something big!  check out @postcarding on twitter, and tweet me your favorite app this week!

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