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guest blogger: jennifer shea rawn ms, mph, rd shaw’s and star market health and nutrition expert

'tis the season to be snackingwith all the holiday cheer and festive comfort food abounding this season, it’s easy to let your healthy lifestyle slip. but…hold on, not so fast! those of you who want to keep your svelte waistline through the holidays without much sacrifice, read on. for the rest of you, we’ll chat in january.

here are some easy tips to help you stick to your goals while still enjoying the great holiday parties:

  • eat. before you arrive at the party. enjoy a handful of nuts, cup of soup or carrots and hummus before you arrive to lessen the likelihood of overindulging. arrive at the party starving and all self-constraint bets are off.
  • alternate the booze. if you will be having more than 1 alcoholic drink, alternate 1 drink of alcohol with 1 glass of sparkling seltzer water. the result will be fewer calories consumed and a happier you in the morning. and, as always, drink responsibly.
  • hang out by the crunch. instead of chatting near the chicken wings, pigs in a blanket and swedish meatballs, hang out by the veggie crudite platter. better yet, offer to bring that to the party and choose your favorite veggies and popchips to circle a hummus or greek yogurt dip.   all your veggie, popchips, hummus and greek yogurt dip needs are available at your neighborhood shaw’s and star market.
  • there is room for indulgence! just remember, a minute on your lips…well, you know the rest. fill your plate mainly with lower-calorie vegetables and lean protein. then enjoy small “tastes” of more indulgent dishes.
  • one bite rule. choose only your favorite dessert but go small in your portion size and savor every bite. and follow the one bite rule – if the first bite doesn’t taste good, neither will the 2nd…or the 10th.
  • family and friends trump food. focus on the people more than the food. since you didn’t arrive starving to the party, i’m assuming you can handle this part.
  • sweat. not at the party, but the next day. get in a low-key workout in and sweat. go for a walk outside or a bundle-up winter hike. the fresh new england air will work wonders for your post holiday party drag. plus you’ll burn off some of the extra bites you took last night.

happy holidays! and cheers to a healthy, happy 2013.

jenny sheajennifer shea rawn ms, mph, rd is a leading health and nutrition communications expert and registered dietitian. rawn is a member of the academy of nutrition and dietetics, the rhode island dietetic association and the food and culinary dietitians practice group. in 2009, jennifer was awarded the women of influence in the food industry award by the griffin report of food marketing. rawn’s passion for health and wellness has led her to positions as media expert, health and nutrition expert, public speaker and consultant. jennifer is currently the retail east dietitian for supervalu where she covers the supermarket chains of shaw’s and star market, farm fresh, shoppers and acme markets on the east coast. 

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