my tour of popchips

guest blogger: ashley pettit, nutritionist, fitness chef, personal trainer.

ashley pettit at popchipsbeing a nutritionist, recommending commercial products can be tough, so when i invited to make the trek from the midwest to the los angeles based popchips facility to take a tour and learn how my favorite snack chip is made, i jumped at the chance.  being able to peek behind the curtain and see just how your food is made can make the difference between being a product advocate or an opponent.

wearing my mandated, but adorable white smock (like a lab coat for good chip makers,) hairnet, safety glasses, and gloves, i was ready to walk through the step-by-step process of air-popping these multi-flavored potato and tortilla chips.

first up, we saw the popping in action on their multi-dimensional potato and tortilla chip “popper”  that delivers tons of pressure to make the airy taste and texture you get from the product. there’s no oil used in the popping process, all that’s added is a little bit of all-natural safflower and/or sunflower oil into the flavorful blend of seasonings at the end. then, we were able to taste the freshly popped chips and watch the in-depth quality control process.

the quality control is fantastic to see — handpicking the broken chips, the “ugly” duckling chips that just don’t look good enough for your bag, and taste testing to make sure the flavoring is well rounded — they stop at nothing to make sure you get the best product possible.

popchips' operations teamhowever, the employee culture and happiness of the workers was what made me walk away with an even bigger smile on my face. (well, that and the massive box of chips of all flavors we walked away with!)

the way you make something truly dictates its taste and quality as a food.  when it comes to popchips, i am able to say i am 100% confident that they are made in a naturally delicious, first-rate way to give you a flavorful, light snack.

one bag, 100 calories, air-popped (not baked nor fried)-these little suckers definitely mean more to me now! stock up your refrigerator and try some ashley pettit living dips with your favorite popchips flavor!

ashley pettit headshotashley w. pettit is a nutrition and physical fitness expert.  she received her ba degree in english and journalism from miami university in oxford, ohio, and attained her master’s degree in holistic nutrition (mshn) from clayton college of natural health.   she is a certified nutrition coach (cnc), licensed through venice nutrition, a certified wellness & nutrition consultant (cwnc), a certified fitness chef (cfc) and a certified metabolic typing advisor (cmta).   

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