tortilla pop art

guest blogger: @popchipsSeattle popstar, shannon s., shares the scoop on the ‘weirdo’ making the seattle street scene pop! 

take your hand outta that tortilla popchips bag, and say ‘hola’ to local seattle street artist, jeff ‘weirdo’ jacobsen, whom we worked with to design pop art like you’ve never seen before!

weirdo specializes in street-art graffiti and has created many popular wall spaces in seattle and across the nation. we immediately felt draw to the synergies between our snackers and the youthful and “cool” correlation of his art.  his inspiration for the project came from the freedom he had to create something unique;  and as a big fan of popchips it was easy for him to be inspired by the personality and culture of our brand.

tortilla pop art - before

tortilla pop art

weirdo created his pieces out in the beautiful surroundings of the pacfic northwest. this was important for him to directly contrast the typical urban environment that you would usually see this type of art. it’s exciting to take his work out of context to get people talking about the art and truly excited about the piece.

tortilla pop art

weirdo thought that this project was particularly fun because of the involvement with his good friend and fellow snacker, chris word, who captured the creation on film to help bring it to life!

tortilla pop art

jeff 'weirdo' jacobsento see weirdo’s pieces in the flesh, follow @popchipsseattle on twitter to see where we’ll be popping up next! and be sure to check out weirdo’s amazing work at

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