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lisa dorfmanguest blogger: lisa dorfman, ms, rd, cssd, lmhc—performance nutritionist

the new year is all about resolutions—solutions to unresolved dietary detours you’ve taken in the past which has kept you from reaching your personal best in health, sport and life. one resolution echoed by millions of men and women from year to year is to manage the stress in their lives.

energy = less stress. in my 5th book, performance nutrition for tackling stress (momentum media 2013) i stress the value of getting enough carb fuel to survive the “hurdles of everyday life”! carbohydrates, also known as sugars, are the easiest form of fuel your body can use for a quick energy source. easy energy means less stress for your body—for digestion, metabolism and storage. regardless of the negative propaganda you hear from low carb diet advocates, your brain, nerve cells, and muscles can’t thrive without a daily dose of carbs!

complex carbohydrates. 99% of the carbs you find in popchips are best for stress-free energy.  complex carbs provide a slow, steady energy source to last you longer than simple carbs which are mostly sugars. fiber found in many of the complex carbs like 100% whole grains, vegetable and fruits, brown rice, beans and peas contribute to the slow speed of digestion. complex carbs are gluten-free popchipsstored in the muscles and liver, called glycogen and can be used for energy now and in the long run. the world health organization (who), a branch of the united nations, and most health guidelines recommend that almost everyone can benefit by eating the majority of your calories, at least 50% from a rich complex carbohydrate diet.

gluten free = stress free. gluten is the protein found in wheat products like pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies and cakes but can also include foods that have wheat like marinades, cheese sauce, vitamins and even snack foods like pretzels. if you can’t eat whole grains from wheat you’re not alone. gluten intolerance affects 1 in every 133 men and women in the us. it may be caused by hereditary factors, and triggered by stress, surgery or infections. those who are gluten sensitive have “stressful” side effects like diarrhea, bloating, weight loss, anemia, chronic fatigue, weakness, bone pain, and muscle cramps when they eat foods with gluten. fortunately, snacks like popchips are also gluten free!

getting a dose of daily carbs also keeps your blood sugars in check. when you’re stressed you need more carb energy to fight or flight the stress. your body rushes carbs to the muscles so you popchips nutrition factscan deal with the stress. the challenge is that during stress your body shuts down the gut to accommodate the extraordinary energy needs of the rest of your body. if you lose your appetite or forget to eat, you’ll hit an energy deficit & crash! that’s why a single serving of popchips provides just the amount of energy and electrolytes like sodium and potassium to keep your muscles moving until you’ll have time to sit & enjoy a home cooked meal once again.

so this new year, resolve to fuel with stress free energy and enjoy happy, healthy and peaceful times with your loved ones, families and friends.

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lisa dorfman, ms, rd, cssd, lmhc, known nationally as “the running nutritionist®” is director of the graduate program in nutrition in the department of kinesiology & sports sciences at the university of miami, & personal nutritionist to olympian, elite & professional athletes worldwide. a former pro triathlete & competitor in over 34 marathons (pr 2:52:32), ironman usa, & hundreds of multisport races including the 2004 long distance duathlon world championships for team usa, lisa has been featured on dateline, 20/20, cnn, espn, fox, msnbc, designing spaces, e & local & international news & appears in dozens of publications monthly as a health expert. lisa’s programs & five books including her latest performance nutrition for tackling stress (momentum media, 2013) is available worldwide at, & along with delicious recipes, restaurant reviews & cutting edge info on food, fitness & enhancing overall health.

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