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guest blogger: jessica sutta, dance artist and international popstar

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jessica sutta popsi know there is a crowd of you out there who are anti-valentine’s day. luckily i, jessica sutta, am here to talk to not only you romantics, but also the anti-valentine’s day team! i think that people often look over valentine’s day because they have forgotten that it is about more than roses and being in a relationship, it’s really about love.

there are so many things to love in this life, so many things to be thankful for and so many wonderful people that need reminding that they too are loved (not just those significant others!). to help in this love deficit, i’ve thought of my favorite things and ideas to help share the love.

all of you team-anti valentine’s will love this…

  • treating myself!  i like to get a good mani/pedi, sneak in an extra nap, take time to  do some yoga and stretch out a little more before a long week of dancing.  taking time for yourself is jessica sutta_ popchips ketchup 02important, you can’t love someone else until you love yourself!
  • “they call it puppy love.” the love of my life, star lit sutta @iamstarsutta – star is my loyal and loving pomeranian  she keeps me company on tour when i’m lonely, snuggles her little head under my chin in the morning and falls in love with everyone she meets. she’s so sweet , i can’t even be mad that she just ate my entire snack bag of pop chips while i wasn’t paying attention writing this blog! thank goodness they are healthy! (true story!) weather you’re alone or with someone, show your pet some love, or spread some serious love and adopt a new pet!  lots of animals need love too!

when it comes to love, the beatles said it simply and best: “all you need is love” – that’s the key to a happy life, loving yourself , loving others and allowing yourself to be loved!

for those of you who want to shower their loved ones with gifts….

  • these days it seems that people forget to send a little something to all their friends on the day of love.  i like to send something unique and thoughtful so instead of sending them sticky candy to ruin their healthy day i’ll be sending them new ketchup popchips…red with love, and guilt-free snacks. i could eat these all day and with ketchup popchips,  now we can all snack without regret!

for all of my bffs…

  • growing up a florida girl and now calling los angeles home, it’s no surprise that i love the beach. spending time with friends is the best way to laugh and remind each other how important being thankful and loving life is. so if you are on team anti-valentine’s day, grab your buddies and head to the beach (or the park) for some sunshine and silliness. (hey, a bag of ketchup popchips does well in the picnic basket too, the girls will love you for the guilt-free snack!) tip: if you like things extra spicy, like me put some hot sauce on these guys!

valentine’s day may be love’s yearly day in the spotlight, but it’s those who love and say thank you every day that are happiest. if you are on team valentine’s day, give the person you love lots of ketchup_instagram_600x600_3attention for sure! but no matter where you stand, or what day of the year it is, remember to love what you have, love your body (and treat it right by eating healthier!) and send love to all those people who brighten your day! now you know my secret of how to live a happy life love, good friends, good music and great snacks!

win ketchup popchips: now i wanna spread the love to all of you! wanna be my valentine? i’ll be giving away snack packs of canada’s new ketchup popchips! so “show me love,” sutta style, and tweet me a valentine for a chance to win!


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