ketchup popchips: a new twist on a canadian classic

ketchup popchips theresa albertwhen i was a kid, we used to go camping and my mom would pack one bag of plain chips, which i hated, they just don’t taste like anything. my sisters and i, ever the explorers, would find the condiments and use them as dips to make the chips tastier. we experimented with vinegar, mustard and ketchup.

i don’t eat chips anymore, too fatty, and i certainly wouldn’t dip them in ketchup! i have a gourmet reputation to uphold.  so imagine how excited i was to discover that my favourite chips, popchips, has created their own version of a canadian delicacy – ketchup flavoured chips! all the taste of sweet tangy ketchup chips, no embarrassing ketchup dipping.

just like all other popchips, ketchup popchips are made with only the highest quality ingredients and have less than half the fat of fried chips making them the  healthier snack option. this tasty new flavour has only 100 calories per single-serving bag and contains no preservatives, trans fats, fake colors or fake flavours.

we did discover one cold winter morning that they go well with  a glass of port by the fireplace.  some camping habits never change.

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