katy perry & popchips launch katy’s kettle corn in the uk

katy's kettle corn popchips launch in the uk!we got such an outpouring of love for katy perry’s katy’s kettle corn popchips flavour when we launched in the u.s. earlier this year, well, we just had to share the bag. so now, we’re excited to  introduce katy’s kettle corn, a sweet & salty popped corn chip, to the uk!

like everything katy perry does, she wanted to create a unique flavour with her signature stamp that captured both her passion for popcorn and craving for the classic sweet and salty flavour of kettle corn. the result is katy’s kettle corn, a naturally delicious popped corn chip with just the right balance of sweet and salty. and with less than half the fat of fried crisps, fewer calories and none of the fake colours or flavours that give snacking a bad name, they are as irresistible as katy’s #1 hits.

our uk snackers can find katy’s kettle corn at sainsbury’s across great britian now, and soon at boots locations nationwide.

click here for the full scoop on katy’s kettle corn popping into the uk. and be sure to follow us on twitter, instagram, and down the snack aisle, of course!

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